Autodesk Fusion 360

I have been using Autodesk Fusion 360 for quite a few years. The biggest reason is the fact that it works on a Mac. It is quite a powerful design tool with the built in ability to collaborate with other people from remote locations. It also has advanced render, drawing, manufacturing and other tools atContinue reading “Autodesk Fusion 360”

Replacement Parts Market

One problem with the large movement of manufacturing to China is the lack of replacement parts available. Products are deemed as disposable from retailers like Home Depot. Their solution is to offer full replacement warranties at the time of original purchase. Another solution is to buy replacement parts from from a marketplace like ebay. ModernContinue reading “Replacement Parts Market”

How it’s made…

A product often starts with an idea. Perhaps it’s just something needed that someone else may need. A computer model of the item is made first using 3D Modeling software. Then the model is processed using software to prepare it for one of our 3D printers. If really high quality is required, the item isContinue reading “How it’s made…”

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