Replacement Parts Market

One problem with the large movement of manufacturing to China is the lack of replacement parts available. Products are deemed as disposable from retailers like Home Depot. Their solution is to offer full replacement warranties at the time of original purchase.

Another solution is to buy replacement parts from from a marketplace like ebay. Modern 3D modeling software, 3D printing, CNC machining can produce small quantities of parts needed to put a product back into service.

We offer some replacement parts for items like landscape lights that are damaged by weather. Hampton Bay Light Bottom or Hampton Bay Light Middle section.

While there has been interest in larger parts like replacing drill bodies or control cases, there is also a risk to reward business case. Parts that need replacement often are better candidates to bring to market than something that needs major reverse-engineering once.

Note that the replacement parts do not have to be identical to the original. They can be easy to insert or stronger than the original. If you can’t find your part, ask. It might be worth bringing it to market.

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